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About Us


Since the beginning of his career, Ray Lewis, Linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens and future Hall of Famer, has maintained a steady practice of community involvement, family strengthening and charitable giving in Baltimore, Maryland. This tradition of giving, that he and his mother, affectionately known as Ms. Buffy, have established is now 11 years old and has grown roots.

Over the years, their giving has taken on the form of donations, grants, scholarships and community involvement. In an effort to focus heavily and solely on community involvement and family strengthening Ray formed The Ray Lewis Family Foundation (RLFF).

The Ray Lewis Family Foundation is a non-profit tax-exempt corporation whose mission is to provide personal and economic assistance to disadvantaged youth and families in distress with a focus on building togetherness in the community.

This foundation has developed annual programs focused specifically on educational development, self esteem, health awareness and family unity. The RLFF team has worked diligently to strategically plan the progression of his foundation into an organization that can sustain its presence and make purposeful and permanent changes in the lives of those in need.